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Haulotte pursues improving its ECOVADIS score with +10 points.

Opublikowane 2024/07/08

Czytanie 3 min

Haulotte Group has improved its ECOVADIS score by 10 points and obtained the new silver medal, in connection with the overhaul of the rating system initiated by the evaluation platform at the beginning of 2024.

The overall score thus increases from 59/100 in 2023 to 69/100 in 2024. Thanks to this score, the Group is ranked in the top 4% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis in the Machinery Manufacturing sector.

EcoVadis assessments cover 21 issues grouped into 4 themes: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics, Responsible Purchasing. The 21 issues or criteria are derived from international CSR standards, such as the principles of the Global Compact, the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the ISO 26000 standard, and the CERES principles.


In 2023, numerous actions in favor of the ESG vision were implemented, both at the Group level and across all 21 subsidiaries. In addition, the improvement in measuring carbon emissions and the precise evaluation of the Group's energy consumption have made it possible to better understand environmental improvement levers. These actions, combined with these KPIs, have made it possible to better meet the rating criteria evaluated by EcoVadis.

Berenger DUDEK, Group ESG Manager, shares his impressions

"During the year 2023, we carried out many actions in favor of the environment, but not only that. Our teams are engaged in societal initiatives for our employees themselves as well as for the local associative fabric. In Haulotte annual NFPS report (Non-financial performance statement), we listed all the actions carried out during the year 2023 that serve the objectives of our ESG vision and our strategy. Another point on which we provide answers is the safety of our equipment, this is a major axis of our ESG issues. In this regard, we are proud to offer 2 optional innovations on our machines: FASTN, an active and universal anchoring system for the operator (available soon), and Haulotte Dual Reach, which brings more safety on site by preventing misuse."


In 2025, Haulotte Group will also be concerned with the expectations of the new European CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) regulation. Berenger adds, "This directive requires going even further in evaluating our ESG performance, by monitoring several KPIs that were previously untracked. It is both a constraint and an opportunity to challenge ourselves even more on many aspects related to our ESG objectives."

Key figures in 2023:

  • +70% of suppliers have signed the responsible purchasing charter
  • 23 hours (avg.) of training per employee in 2023
  • 78% of machines sold in 2023 are electric
  • Doubling of revenue related to the circular economy


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