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Quick Up 14
Quick Up 14
Quick Up 14
Quick Up 14

Push-Arounds Quick Up 14

The Quick Up 14 Push-arounds is adapted for all indoors projects. Light, it works on the most fragile grounds. Quick Up 14 is easily transportable manually or can be towed by a trailer or a van. Their non-marking tires and stabilizers with rubber protct the floor surface. Quick Up 14 can work at heights to 14 metres.

Product characteristics

Zastosowanie wewnętrzne

Zastosowanie wewnętrzne

Równe podłoże

Równe podłoże



Application fields

Maintenance & renovation

Maintenance & renovation

Sporting & other events

Sporting & other events

Quick Up 14


  • Adapted to each project
  • Easy to use
  • Best value for money


Adapted to each project

Adapted to each project

  • Its lightweight makes it suitable for the most fragile grounds
  • Its compactness enables to go through doors and elevators
  • Its stabilizers with rubber protect the floor surface
Easy to use

Easy to use

  • Quick set up by 1 person
  • Transportable on a trailer or a van
  • 4 wheels for easy manual maneuvering
Best value for money

Best value for money

  • Minimal maintenance

Working height 13.7 m
Platform height 11.7 m
Lift capacity 136 kg
Platform size 0.68 x 0.66 m
Length 1.47 m
Width 0.8 m
Height - stowed 1.98 m
Width - stabilised 2.34 m
Length - stabilised 2.7 m
Tilt bar 2.24 x 0.8 x 1.98 m
Energy (AC) 230 V
Weight (AC) 455 kg
Energy (DC) 12 V
Weight (DC) 497 kg
Quick Up 14
Quick Up 14
Quick Up 14

  • Non marking wheels
  • Easy to use thanks push button controls
  • Emergency control
  • Manual platform lowering valve
  • Lights on control box to confirm stabilizers are set
  • Integrated forklift pockets
  • Lifting eye
  • Harness attachment point

  • 2 available versions: supply-power (AC) or battery (DC)

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